Susan Simpson

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Susan Simpson

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Welcome to Mrs. Simpson’s science class. I am thrilled to have you in my classroom! I recognize that each of you come with unique needs and special talents. I will do my best to meet those needs. I bring to the classroom 20 years of parenting experience, 15 years of professional microbiology experience, and 18 years of science teaching experience that includes a Masters Degree in Education from Regis University. But most importantly, I bring to the classroom a passion for science and helping people.

 I was born and raised in Seattle Washington and spent my summers on the ocean with my father. While he was the Chief Engineer at Boeing for building aircraft, he also owned a commercial fishing boat and would fish for salmon on the weekends.  My experience on the boat was to basically be seasick during the day and then on the way in I would clean all the fish.

After completing my Bachelors of Science Degree in Molecular Biology at Washington State University, I worked as a microbiologist in both industry and academia. While I have had many wonderful and diverse jobs including making rabies vaccines for dogs, my main passions have always revolved around trying to help people. For example, at the Health Sciences Center in Denver and at the University of Chicago, I worked on a number of projects investigating major illnesses including muscular dystrophy, cancer, liver disease, and human tumor suppresser genetics.  This research was highly rewarding to me, personally, because I was able to make cutting edge breakthroughs in many areas. While some of this work was published in the most prestigious scientific journals, my main reward was helping people with some of the most debilitating diseases.

Throughout my entire life I have always been extremely interested in learning and exploring new areas and tackling new challenges. Some of these extracurricular activities include volunteering as an intern at the Denver Police Crime Lab as a forensics serologist, becoming a professional phlebotomist, learning martial arts, performing ethnic dance (belly dance) and running a professional dance troupe, and graduating from the Denver Police Academy as a police reserve in which I worked 3 years on the streets of Denver. These days I love to explore the world with my family and friends. This includes digging up fossils in Utah and Colorado, exploring volcanoes in Italy and Hawaii, scuba diving the great ocean reefs of the world, and viewing the universe at great observatories like those on Mauna Loa, Hawaii. However, I have always strongly believed that a person has wasted their life if they do not pass on their experience and wisdom. I do this with my own son and daughter by having them right there beside me exploring the bottoms of the oceans, digging in the earth, and looking at the amazing vast universe through telescopes. I wish to pass these wonderful experiences onto everyone, especially young people, in the hope that they will inspire them to become life long learners by following their passions to reach their full potential.  As Carl Sagen said “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” I hope to inspire everyone to love science as much as I do, or to at least think of it in a new light so that it can help you achieve your goals in life.