Gifted Education

Gifted and Talented Education at Eagle Academy

DCSD and Eagle Academy strive to seek out, surface, and nurture the potential in each student. We are committed to partnering with families and our community to recognize and support high potential, advanced, gifted and talented learners who require differentiated programming to meet their educational needs and prepare them for their chosen endeavors.

In accordance, Eagle Academy focuses on the following:

  • Identifying, supporting, and developing talent and potential
  • Implementing and monitoring Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) to nurture students' agency, curiosity, and confidence
  • Providing appropriate learning opportunities based on students' abilities, motivation, and creativity
  • Staff support and development with regards to methods and strategies of effective gifted and advanced education

Questions about GT Programming or support? Please contact:

Dr. Ryan McClintock

Gifted & Talented Coordinator/Instructional Specialist

[email protected]