Eagle Weekly News
Posted on 08/08/2022



Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 


Below are the schedules and happenings for this week and the next:



Ms. Clark's Corner - Volunteer Coordinator

We are asking for parents to help us keep our snack pantry stocked this year.

In the past, Ms. Clark has been able to keep it stocked with mostly donations from community members and was able to shop for items to restock the pantry every couple weeks. 

As we all know, that's not an easy task right now, and some of our groups who were big supporters have moved this past summer.

We would like to offer snacks to students who may be hungry, in addition to students who have a need. 

If you are willing and able, please grab a box of one of the items below when you are at Costco or the grocery store, and have your student deliver to Ms. Clark when they arrive at Eagle.

This will allow us to have snacks available to your student and others. 

We appreciate your contribution. Thanks!

*Squeezable applesauce (all flavors except oatmeal)

*Beef Jerky (Ind pkgs)

*Goldfish (Ind bags)

*Peanut butter cracker packs

*Cheese cracker packs

*Fruit roll ups

*Protein bars

*1 case of water per week - PLEASE CONTACT Ms. Clark if you would like to donate this item - we have very limited room. 

*Bag of assorted chocolates for staff 

Thank you!

Ms. Clark

[email protected]


****Reminder for students in ACE Work Experience: a minimum of 30 work hours are due today, Monday, August 22. Each pay stub must be uploaded in Canvas and enter in the form here

Schedule for the week of August 22, 2022:

Every day this week are on “Regular Day” schedule

Period 1    1:00 - 2:22  Period 1 is ONLY on Tue, Wed. and Thursday. On Mondays school starts at 2:30

Period 2   2:30 - 4:18  

Period 3   4:21 - 6:09 

Break       6:09 - 6:47 

Period 4  6:47 - 8:35 

Week-3  progress grades are available on Thursday, August 25th, after 9:00 pm, on the Portal > Documents > Progress report Week 3 

Schedule for week of August 29, 2022:


Monday August 29th is on advisement schedule:

Period 2           2:30 - 4:13

Period 3           4:16 - 5:59

Break               5:59 - 6:36

Period 4           6:36 - 8:19

Advisement      8:22 - 8:35


Tuesday through Wednesday we are on a “Regular Day” schedule:

Period 1    1:00 - 2:22  

Period 2   2:30 - 4:18  

Period 3   4:21 - 6:09 

Break       6:09 - 6:47 

Period 4  6:47 - 8:35


Schedule for September 1, 2022:

Period 1       1:26 - 2:22 

Period 2       2:30 - 3:32

Period 3       3:35 - 4:37

Period 4       4:40 - 5:42 (All students are dismissed at 5:42pm)

Parents and Guardians are invited to attend P/T conferences on Thursday, September 1, This is a great opportunity to meet your student’s teachers and counselors. No appointments needed, just come by the school between 6:30 and 8:15 pm.


From Mr. Broeker, Principal:

 Transportation Reminder

  • Just a friendly reminder to have your student picked-up between 8:35-8:45pm.  It is our hope to have the building shutdown and vacated by 9:00pm as we have an agreement with the surrounding neighborhoods.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Eagle Academy School Accountability Committee

  • Eagle has a parent/teacher run committee that meets four times each school year to discuss items important to our school.  We have a vacant voting position on this committee and would welcome those interested to please email the Principal at [email protected].



From Mr. Ponn, Academic Counselor: 

Check out the job fair flyer below.

Quarter 1 and quarter 2 potential, you will be receiving information about the first graduation meeting soon.

If you have any questions regarding classes or graduation, please contact me.

[email protected] or 303-3870-873



From Ms. Quintana’s desk, Work Experience Teacher:


Quarter 1 due dates:

August 11:          Work forms are due (new students and returning students who have new jobs only)

August 22:         30 hours

September 19:   60 hours

September 28:  90 hours





Training Agreement 

Workman Comp form

Submit work hours online 

Questions? See me or email me at [email protected].




Useful links:

Work Experience:  forms, explanations, submit work and hours - follow this link

Eagle Calendar and Schedules - follow this link

Parent/Student Portal - follow this link

Eagle Academy website - follow this link 

Please feel free to call us at (303) 387-0870 with questions or comments.

Eagle Academy Administration