Remote Learning on Snow Days-Effective 2.16.22

Moving forward the 21-22 school year, our snow days will become remote learning days where our teachers will meet virtually with students.

Teachers are prepared to carry-out instructional practices similar to how we navigated remote learning during the shutdown of in-person learning last school year. Students will be responsible for attending virtual class sessions and completing any work and instruction supplied remotely, all of which students can access and retrieve in CANVAS. This will NOT simply be a check-in but rather a shorter, more focused instructional intervention that fulfills learning on days we are closed due to weather.

Student will find the links to Canvas and to teachers' classes on the homepage of our website, HERE

Our Mental Health (Counselors, Therapist and Social Worker) team will also be available for students when we are forced to utilize remote instruction. They will do their best to work around the instructional schedule.

The remote schedule will be adhered to as follows:

1st Seminar 1:40-2:20
2nd 2:30-4:0
3rd 4:10-5:42
Dinner 5:42-6:20
4th 6:20-7:52

Students will attend the virtual classes they would have attended in person had we been in session, and that attendance will be marked in Infinite Campus.

In the case of a snow day or a full day closure, we will send a reminder of the schedule and expectations to students and parent via email.