Eagle Weekly News

Eagle Weekly News
Posted on 06/08/2020




Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,


Final quarter 4 grades are available on the Portal > Reports > Report Card



This is the last weekly newsletter of the school year and we have a lot of students to congratulate!

Congratulations to our 41 June Graduates!  

Also, congratulations to the students who earned Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, the Work Ethic Award, the Kindness Award, the 180 Award, the Rookie of the Quarter Award and the Leadership Award during quarter 4. The award winners will be recognized and awarded at our next Award Assembly, in the next school year. The families of these students will receive an email about the award assembly. 

We are very proud of all of you!



Eagle Academy class of June 2020

Dylan Tyler Apodaca

Eli Christian Barger

Justin D. William Barrett

Peyton Andrew Berg

Jacob David Bilton

Skylar Troy Burnor Lucero

Kennedy Kay Calvert

Delaney Paige Cottrell

David Edward Derry

Robin Maxine Dowling

Brandon Scott Ermel

Khyla Jade Foust

Jake Edward Graham

Emilie Greffard

Braeden Jacob Hager

Nicholas George Lloyd Haigh

Jacob Wayne John Holladay

Katherine Martel Hood

Oliver Jay Jackson

Brandon Michael Liddick

Madison Kate Maldonado

Ethan James Manning

Kyli Ya Mason

Michelle Lucina Guadalupe Matthes

Tyler Marshall Matthews

Aubree Mckenna Miller

Jennifer Nicole Minor

Embrosia Laura Aurelie Lulu Jacqueline Morignot Morales

Kade Andrew Pfannenstiel

Sean Allan Ries

Kelly Katherine Riguero

Lucas Jon Rouse

Jaylen Nasir Samuel

Sebastian Jean Samuel

Jordan Caroline Sharp

Keagan   Joshua Thompson

Denise Sharon Thurman

Skyler Grey Van Meter

Treven Daniel Warrick

Brianna  Marie Woods






The following awards are given to students who were nominated and voted by Administrators, Teachers and Staff


Work Ethic Award : “The WORK ETHIC award honors students that believe in and demonstrate the value of hard work either in their classroom work or through their work experience”

The Work Ethic Award for quarter 4, 2019-2020, is going to:

Andrew Amann

Emma Gidley

Kyli Mason

Aubree Miller

Ozzy Oswald

Kelly Riguero

Jaylen Samuel

Sebastian Samuel

Keagan Thompson

Denise Thurman



Kindness Award: “The KINDNESS award honors students who are always caring and kind while considering the needs and feelings of others”

The Kindness Award for quarter 4, 2019-2020, is going to:

Jake Graham

Rami Maaliki

Michelle Matthes



180 Award: “The 180 award honors students who have persevered through tough times, demonstrated growth and maturity, and are now near model students at Eagle”

The 180 Award for quarter 4, 2019-2020, is going to:

Emilie Greffard

Eliana Roa



Rookie of the Quarter Award: “The ROOKIE OF THE QUARTER award honors new students who demonstrate a caring attitude towards Eagle's environment and working for the common good”

The Quarter Award for quarter 4, 2019-2020, is going to:

Emilia Aguilera

Raygan Campbell

Mika Gravlin

Kylee Swanson



Leadership Award: “The LEADERSHIP award honors students who lead through academic achievements, ACE success, peer modeling and/or community involvement”

The Leadership Award for quarter 3, 2019-2020, is going to:

Abigail O’Malley



IMPORTANT Reminders for Grads:

Grads and their parents/guardians will be able to access their portal until June 30. We advise all grads to print a copy of their transcript from the Portal > Reports. 



Google Email Account Extension for Seniors - Post Graduation

At the end of the 2020/2021 school year, senior access to DCSD Gmail (email, Google docs, drive and other contents) will continue until December 1, 2020 (or 6 months after graduation) while IC and all other system access will be terminated upon graduation.  This may help with closing out your college applications linked to your DCSD email account and also give you time to copy your data and take it with you to the next step in your journey.

At any time you can copy the entire contents of your Google suite to another account or your computer using Google's "Take Out" tool.  






  • As we conclude this school year, here is some info for the next year:

  • The first day of school is Wednesday, August 5.

  • Students are automatically rolled into 2020-2021.

  • Students will receive their schedule on the first day of school.

  • A welcome back email with the schedule of the first week of school will be sent to students and parents/guardians close to the end of July.

  • Express Check-in will open around the middle of July, at that time parents/guardians will receive a reminder email about completing the process.

  • Attached is the 20-21 calendar.

  • We are always available during summer break to answer your questions via phone and email.




Message from Mrs. Talmage, Academic Counselor

I have a website! Please go to HERE for more information about credit analysis, scholarships, college and career searching, self-care, and more!

IMPORTANT - Our representatives from PICKENS TECH and ARAPAHOE COMMUNITY COLLEGE are offering to do virtual sessions to help you explore your options in their programs! If you are interested in attending a virtual event with one/both of those schools, please send me a quick email asap to let me know. I will organize these events based on interest.

Arapahoe Community College is also doing general information sessions every Wednesday (timing varies). To sign up, please go here and scroll until you find “Virtual ACC Information Session.” ACC is also offering other informative virtual events that can also be accessed through the link above (for example, “Time Management for Procrastinators”).

As always, please let me know how I can help you! -Mrs. Talmage




Mrs. Clark’s Corner, Volunteer Coordinator


Food Drive Thru:


In JUNE & JULY there will be a meal for you/your family and something to drink for you to pick up - similar to what you have been given this last 2 months (1 week was burger stuff, one week was sandwich stuff, one week was taco stuff, one week was chicken & pasta stuff, etc).

HOWEVER, you MUST sign up to pick up on Fridays in June & July.

Email me - hclark@dcsdk12.org - by WEDNESDAY to pick up that Friday.

This is on a week by week basis. So, if you sign up for the first week in June, and you would like to pick up the following week, you MUST sign up again BY WED to pick up the 2nd week.

We will keep the same schedule! Fridays in the Eagle parking lot from 12:30-1pm.


Hope you'll sign up to do Friday Food pick up for the summer!

We love seeing those familiar faces and your smiles!

Mrs. Clark









Resources for Students and Parents:

Eagle Academy website - follow this  ea.dcsdk12.org 

Work Experience:  forms, explanations, submit work and hours - follow this link

Student Success Score : how it works - follow this link

Eagle Calendar and Schedules - follow this link

Parent/Student Portal - follow this link



Please feel free to call us at 303 387 0870 with questions or comments.

Eagle Academy Administration