Eagle Weekly News
Posted on 11/28/2022



Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians, 


Below are the schedules and happenings for this week and the next:


Schedule for the week of November 28th:


Monday - Thursday we are on a regular schedule:

Period 1              1:00 - 2:22  pm  (T, W, Th)                        

Period 2              2:30 - 4:18 pm  

Period 3              4:21 - 6:09 pm  

Break               6:09 - 6:47 pm  

Period 4              6:47 - 8:35 pm 


Friday we are on Access schedule:

Period 1         10:00-10:30

Period 2         10:33 - 11:30

Period 3         11:33 - 12:30

Period 4         12:33 - 1:30


Schedule for the week of December 5th:


Monday - Thursday we are on a regular schedule:

Period 1              1:00 - 2:22  pm  (T, W, Th)                        

Period 2              2:30 - 4:18 pm  

Period 3              4:21 - 6:09 pm  

Break               6:09 - 6:47 pm  

Period 4              6:47 - 8:35 pm  


From Mr. Broeker, Principal:

Eagle will be having their second ACCESS Friday of the school year on December 2nd from 10am - 1:30pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for any student wishing to get extra help with their academics. Please keep in mind that students who have one or more failing grades (F) or have more than one near fail grade (D) are required to attend Friday ACCESS. Students will have until November 29th to have grades above the aforementioned criteria or they will be notified about their mandatory attendance on Dec 2nd.

Excused absences:

  • Remember that for an absence to be considered EXCUSED, a doctor’s note or a note from the court is required. All other absences will be considered UNEXCUSED. Please continue to call the attendance line (303-387-0870 ext 1) if your student is/will be late or absent completely.

Thank you for your continued support!


From  Dr. Manzanares, Assistant Principal


We are excited to invite all Eagle students to participate in our weekly study group sessions. This time, which is 11:30-1:00 once a week, is open to all Eagle students; these sessions give students dedicated time, with staff assistance, to work on missing assignments or projects and/or receive social/emotional support. Lunch and snacks will be provided each week. 


There's a consent form linked here that has more information. If you don't have access to a printer or a way to sign it virtually, you're welcome to give consent via an email response.


Our first session was Tuesday, November 8th, 11:30-1:00 and future sessions are 11/16, 11/29, 12/7, 12/13, and 12/21. Students are not required but are encouraged to attend every week. 


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. 



This year 29 Eagle students will have the opportunity to be a Secret Santa for a Bridge student downstairs.


Ms. Clark has a gift idea for each Bridge student and Eagles will be able to choose one, purchase and wrap a gift for that Bridge student, bring it to Eagle and give it to Ms. Clark on Tuesday, Dec 13 

Seminar students who would like to participate in Secret Santa for Bridge kids should talk with Ms. Clark. If you take a name you NEED TO FOLLOW THRU to bring a new wrapped gift (under $20) for that particular student by Tues Dec 13. 


Eagles who participate in Secret Santa will receive 5 hours of community service hours.

During seminar on Thurs Dec 15, they will go with Ms. Clark downstairs to deliver their gift personally to Bridge students.


Let's spread some love and holiday cheer this year to the Bridge students!

Ms. Cark



From Mr. Ponn, Academic Counselor: 


Hello, quarter 2 graduates. I want to remind everyone of the dates for all the deadlines you need to meet in order for you to graduate. 

  • Community hours are due by January 6.

  • All online courses must be completed by December 23 and passing with 70% or better. 

  • Scholarship applications are due on December 22. 

  • If you have not ordered your cap and Gown, here is the link to do so.


It's time for the Senior Class of 2023 to place their Graduation Order! 


Please proceed by clicking the appropriate button below,

to place your order for your Cap & Gown, Graduation Announcements & Senior Class Jewelry. Graduation Announcement Orders by placing your order online at jostens.com 


CLICK HERE to place your Graduation Order


CLICK HERE to order your 2023 Class Jewelry



[email protected] or 303-3870-873


January Graduate Yearbook Deadline:

December 15th


Please email the following items to [email protected]:

  1. Senior photo in .jpg or .jpeg format (yearbook photo will be used if you do not submit a senior photo)

  2. Senior quote (school appropriate please)

  3. Future plans (school appropriate please)


Don’t forget to order!!

Yearbooks are $35 each. You can order through your MySchoolBucks account - if you have questions about ordering please contact Alexis at 303-387-0871



From Ms. Quintana’s desk, Work Experience Teacher:


Quarter 2 due dates:


October 27:     Work forms due (new students and returning students who have new jobs only)

November 7:   30 hours due

December 5:   60 hours due

December 21: 90 hours due




Training Agreement 

Workman Comp form

Submit work hours online 

Questions? See me or email me at [email protected].


Useful links:

Work Experience:  forms, explanations, submit work and hours - follow this link

Eagle Calendar and Schedules - follow this link

Parent/Student Portal - follow this link

Eagle Academy website - follow this link 

Please feel free to call us at (303) 387-0870 with questions or comments.

Eagle Academy Administration