Work Experience

Requirements and Credits


* For Q4 AND Summer, students may earn partial credit (.125 for 45 hours) for Work Experience. We added summer to enable them to get back up to a multiple of .25.
All students will be able to earn credits for Work Experience for summer hours.
* For Q4, students may log community service hours by helping their families; these hours must be logged and submitted during Q4Douglas County School District has waived the community service requirement for all May/June 2020 graduates; this applies only to those graduating this spring.
* For Q4, the work requirement for Academic Leave students is waived. Students MAY ask for an additional .25 online course or may log community service hours - see above; however, neither option will be a requirement.
* Students who have previously passed Work Experience and Career Pathway and who have been released from their jobs due to COVID-19 can continue to take Career Pathway for Q4.
* Students on the June 2020 grad list who needed their credit from work hours in order to meet graduation requirements will likely be given an online elective class to complete in place of the Work Experience credit.
Ms. Quintana will conduct a survey with all incoming and returning students to determine what their work situation is and what additional changes we may need to make.


All students enrolled at Eagle Academy have the opportunity to earn elective credit from their employment outside of school by being enrolled in ACE Work Study. Students enrolled in ACE will need to fulfill the Work for Credit Requirements listed below. Students who Fail ACE two quarters in the same school year will not be allowed to enroll in it for the next quarter. ACE has a Pass/Fail grade.

Work for Credit Requirements

  • Student must be employed.
  • Complete the "Training Agreement" and return it to Ms. Quintana, ACE Instructor, during the first four days of the quarter.
  • Complete the "Workman Compensation" form and return to Ms. Quintana, ACE Instructor, during the four days of the quarter.
  • "Submit Work Hours" for each pay stub through the online links.
  • Place "Pay Stubs" in the white mail box located in the student lounge so hours submitted online can be verified and appropriate credit awarded.


Communication of Work Study Progress

  • Three-Week progress report: A student will be "Passing" if they have submitted appropriate paperwork for their employment.
  • Six-Week progress Report: A student will be "Passing" if they are still employed with appropriate paperwork and have logged a minimum of 40 hours of work online and submitted applicable pay stub documentation to verify.
  • Nine-Week Grade Report: A student will be "Passing" if they are still employed with appropriate paperwork and have logged a minimum of 90 hours of work online and submitted applicable pay stub documentation to verify.


  • When a student changes jobs the same 2 forms must be submitted for the new employer.
  • The Training Agreement and Workman's Compensation form must match the submitted paychecks.
  • Work hours do not transfer to the next quarter.

Why must you have the forms and pay stubs? -The State of Colorado funds our schools for students' education. Since Eagle Academy awards credit toward graduation for hours students work, the State requires that we provide documentation that verifies that each student actually worked the hours for which they were awarded credit. In all other classes at Eagle, a student's "proof" for earning credit is documented with attendance, daily grades, quizzes, tests projects, etc. For work credit, however, the "proof" the State of Colorado is requesting is the "Training Agreement" form and copies of pay stubs. In addition to these, we must be certain employers carry Workman's Compensation insurance to ensure that our students are protected at work in the event they get hurt while on the job. This verification is vital since a student's work site is an extension of our school.

Link to Colorado Department of Education


Required Forms for Work Credit

Training Agreement form

Worker Compensantion form

Submit work hours button


  90 work hours = .25 credit

180 work hours = .5 credit

270 work hours = .75 credit

360 work hours = 1 credit

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