Student Success Score

All Eagle Academy students are expected to pass their Student Success Score (SSS) in every academic class each quarter to remain a full time student at Eagle Academy. Any student that does not have at least 9 out of a possible 15 SSS points in every class will be placed on Academic Leave for the NEXT quarter. Students begin each quarter with 15 SSS points in each class, 5 for each category below.

Academic Performance- 5 points possible
5 = A
4 = B
3 = C
2 = D
-2 = F
(Missing work is due one week after the student returns and the student must request the work within that week. Work submitted after a week becomes a zero)

Attendance- 5 points possible
5 = No absences
4 = One absence
3 = Two absences
2 = Three absences
1 = Four absences
-1 = Five absences
-2 = Six absences (Three tardies equal one absence)

Behavior- 5 points possible
5 = No incidents
(A behavior incident that warrants a deduction of a point is at the discretion of each teacher or the principal. The deduction of a behavior point may be limited to one class or affect multiple classes, depending on the incident.)

Teachers calculate their students' academic AND SSS score every three weeks and a report is mailed home. Students with 8 or fewer SSS points in any class at the end of the quarter will be placed on Academic Leave for the next quarter. During that time the student will be expected to attend STAR Lab on Monday or Wednesday evenings from 4:30 - 6:30 pm and successfully meet STAR Lab expectations to be re-instated as a full time student the next quarter.

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